Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My other love....

This is my beloved Slow Cooker.
While it was cooking the turkey.

My best companion! Thank you slow cooker. 


Slooooooww COOOOKkkking..

Left: Slow cooked turkey, cooked in organic (home grown) tomatoes and onions and various sauces including yummy vegetable stock. 

Right: Slow cooked barbecued wings!! So tender it meat slides right of the bones.

Oh yeah, and home cooked mac & cheese. 


Now everyone wants to live with me. I willl be barbecuing some steaks, and cooking a roast later on this week. The turkey by the way, is easy to make and soooooooooo addictive. If I wasn't addicted to Starbucks I would have that for dinner instead. 

I'm just saying.

I am overdue a dinner out though. LOl. Where to go? Hmmm.......

So...what have you been eating?

I certainly have not gone out this whole week, miracle.

Oh confession.... I'm now a starbucks lover...I mean at this very moment I would like to get a mocha frap. Kid you not, I want to run out of my house and bust through star bucks and demand a mocha frap with soy no whip cream.

I still love jamba juice, but I have also fallen victim to D'Lush. Which I was reading where it's locations are and I'm wondering why do they have two in California, and then two across the pacific ocean? Does that make sense? Well if you don't live in California you'll never get to taste an XTC with Mango instead of strawberry.

BTW: I love mango's.

So after I show you what I have been cooking, I'm going to hall ass to CVS--thats if STARBUCKs is closed.

; }

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Recently I have fallen in love.

With a Slow Cooker.

I'm going to cook something extra delish in and write down the whole recipe.

I love this invention. Though I caught on pretty late. Totally fixes the problem of sauces burning in the oven, and cooks everything perfect, every time!

Pan Fried Steak...

So This steak was the same kind as before. Except i put it on the grill and panfried it. It was sooooo GOOOD!

I just kept eating it, I couldn't even read my book. Tasted it great with the peas. Seasoned similar to the steak before, except no worchester sauce, no grilled flavor. But omg, this steak was delish!


The sauce, I added a little flour to it to thicken it to put over the peas. It was great.

Grilled Anyone?

So I marinated the chicken in worchester sauce, baslamic vingerette (my favorite) soy sauce and red wine. Put some salt and pepper and some red peppers and let it sit for two hours.

Threw it on the grill.

I got thinnly sliced steaks from Vons, three in a pack for like 8 dollars. So worth it.

It was sooo good,

A1 sauce, was great with it.

I've decided it you ever make a steak taste really bad (nearly impossible) just put some A1 sauce on it. LOL! It'll taste way delish. Luckily it tasted superb and the A1 sauce enhanced my flavors. YUM!

Jamila's Chicken Jambalyah

Inside of my Jambalyah:

Cut up chick thighs.
Bell Peppers
Yellow Bell Peppers
Balsamic Vingerette
Apple Vingerette
String Beans
Brown Rice

All of it freshly cut, all of it immensly YUMMY and Spicy