Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So...what have you been eating?

I certainly have not gone out this whole week, miracle.

Oh confession.... I'm now a starbucks lover...I mean at this very moment I would like to get a mocha frap. Kid you not, I want to run out of my house and bust through star bucks and demand a mocha frap with soy no whip cream.

I still love jamba juice, but I have also fallen victim to D'Lush. Which I was reading where it's locations are and I'm wondering why do they have two in California, and then two across the pacific ocean? Does that make sense? Well if you don't live in California you'll never get to taste an XTC with Mango instead of strawberry.

BTW: I love mango's.

So after I show you what I have been cooking, I'm going to hall ass to CVS--thats if STARBUCKs is closed.

; }

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